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June 10, 2011

So summer is here and for us teachers, time to recharge those batteries, be the learner for a change and look to bring something new into next year. I know technology integration is high on your list (c’me on, you know it is) and you are wondering what are some good how-to places to go on the web to get down some basics! I’ve collected some here and I hope that these will help to spark new ideas into your teaching next year!

Don’t think you need to incorporate anything new? Start here: Staggering numbers …

Want more? Good. Here is a listing of videos made to spark educators thinking:

Speaking of videos, Common Craft specializes in 3 minute explanation videos: The animation is really interesting to look at as well.

Wolfram Alpha is a data search site that you can do so many things with. Here is an introduction to it: Try searching for your name, that’s my favorite!

If you teach geography or do anything with maps, here’s a step by step tour a great Google Earth feature, creating a tour: Also check out will also show you some unknown Google Map features.

Great list of websites that can be used to integrate tech into your classroom: bother? Here’s why:

4.5 million YouTube hits. This is a classic 

Some of today’s most interesting speakers

I could go on and on, but instead I’ll give you all my links. That’s right ALL my links:

Enjoy your summer and let’s get learning!


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  1. Thanks for this post! I love the time during summer to explore, learn, plan and connect to get ready for next year. I look forward to exploring all of the links you’ve shared. Happy learning!

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