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Getting Those Great Performances Out to the World!

August 1, 2011

      In 1973 when PBS introduced Great Performances, it was for many people the first time they could watch magnificent performances that they would otherwise not be able to experience. Now thanks to the internet, we’re able to enjoy the arts in many forms. Art organizations of every scale can now share with the world with minimal equipment and costs. I got to see this first hand when Da Capo presented their Faculty Gala 2011 in June. When I heard about the Gala (most likely from Twitter), I suggested that they should live stream it. I’m so glad they took my suggestion! How else would I have had the opportunity to see the program and the high caliber of instructors associated with Da Capo? I live in New Jersey and was home with my family that evening, making live attendance at the event impossible.  Every moment, from the children to the instruments to the powerful, expressive moments of singing was quite a treat. My personal favorite was the final piece, Sonata in C# minor, Op. 27, No. 2 (aka “Moonlight”) performed in its entirety. The Da Capo students are very fortunate to have such talented leaders guiding them in their ongoing journey in the arts. If there is anything to be taken from this, it would be that we need to continue to support our local arts organizations. Without them, where would our future artists come from? Thank you Da Capo for a “Great Performance”! Bravo!


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